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To all of my cherished customers:

I would like to thank you for being my customer and supporting Library Display Design Systems for 30+ years. During that time I have enjoyed working with some of you in person and chatting with others by phone or email. I have made many great friends and thoroughly enjoyed our conversations.

The idea for this business came from a lack of good ways to create displays when I was a Librarian many long years ago. It has been a fulfilling career finding ways to help libraries create some wonderful merchandising and display areas for their patrons. Instead of working in one library, I was fortunate to work with many!

But, the time has come to close my business. I will miss all of my wonderful customers and cannot thank you enough.

With gratitude and good wishes,

Karen F. Ribnicky, MLS


The phone (860-828-6089) and email address ( will be available through mid-March, 2018.      


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