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 About us!

        Library Display Design Systems was created in 1987 by a Librarian in search of  good merchandising and display solutions. In the past, we did most of our work in the Northeast. For two of the tiniest states, Connecticut and Rhode Island have many libraries that we believe do some of the best merchandising and display anywhere. We're proud to have helped with that. We feel it’s time to share some of our favorite solutions for good customer service with the rest of the country. We hope you find them helpful.

          Over the years we have done plenty of ‘gee-whiz’ big custom designs and merchandising plans for libraries. What we offer here are some of the products we have used for libraries with budgets both large and small. These are the items that can help transform your library without a big renovation project as they are both space and cost efficient. We care about quality and actually give samples a ‘test-run’ before we add them to our offerings. While the retail world is a great source for merchandising fixtures, not all products have the lasting quality necessary in a library.  We recognize that and avoid items that would not be the best use of library funds. If we offer something that might be fun, inexpensive, too good to pass up, but not last as long, we will tell you that, too. We have also designed and produced many products ourselves while maintaining a reasonable cost to our customers.

          Items that we target are those that assist in solving problems throughout the library. We believe all library patrons deserve a clean, uncluttered library enticing them with great face-out display. Our goal is to help libraries-all types (this is not just a public library issue!)- to clean up that clutter, remove all those ‘ransom notes’ passing as signs scotch-taped everywhere (you know who you are!) and to merchandise! merchandise! merchandise! Let your patrons see what you have to offer so they want to take it home. Utilize display as a vehicle for Readers’ Advisory. Have your staff wear name badges so your patrons know who they can count on for assistance. Combining these elements creates great customer service.

          And speaking of great customer service, we like to practice it, too.  Let us help your library offer five-star service.


                                                            Karen F. Ribnicky, MLS



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