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Multi-Media Displayer.....
                        the one display a library shouldn’t be without!

Model LD-MM2 $465.00
Six sloped shelves and one flat
shelf plus the base shelf. The flat
shelf is great for props when creating
thematic displays or for extra titles
spine-out to fill display shelves above
quickly and easily.

 · So compact it even fits at a stack end to provide great display!
 18-1/2”w  x  14-3/4” d  x  59-1/2” h

 · Mobile! You can place it in a new spot every week!

 ·  Clear acrylic so it ‘disappears’ while your materials shine!

●Great fun for 'dressing up' with props for thematic displays.

●Use for books, DVD's, audiobooks, paperbacks, magazines,
brochures just about anything.

●Two signholders are available that simply slip over the
front edge of the sloped shelves.

●Mobility easily allows you to take related materials
into a program area for display.

●Makes a great 'welcome' near your front entrance.

●Ships via UPS and assembles easily.

●Back and side panels are interchangeable should you wish
to purchase extra shelves to change from one style to the other.



Model LD-MM3 $465.00
Same great features as LD-MM2 with
a slightly different configuration.

Nine sloped shelves allow full face-out
display top to bottom. Books and other
materials will fly off this display.



Optional Signholders for use on both models.

LM-MM4.... 11" x  4".... $14.00

LM-MM5.... 8-1/2" x 11".... $16.00




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