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We  try to make ordering as easy as possible by offering you several methods by which to place your order.

1. You can simply mail, fax or email us a copy of  the purchase order form used by your Library.

2. You can click on one of the links below to use one of our order forms. If you plan on mailing or faxing us your order select 'Link to Print Version of Order Form'. If you prefer to email your order, select ' Link to Email Order Form' and follow the instructions on that page.

3. Call us  at 860-828-6089.  We would be happy to take your order by phone.

 Link to Email Order Form         Link to Print Version of Order Form

Additional Notes:

 Shipping will be added to your merchandise subtotal and an invoice will be sent to you after your order has shipped. If you must pre-pay please call for a shipping estimate.

Please provide a copy of your state tax exempt certificate with your initial order.

On your order, be sure to include a shipping address, billing address and your name with contact information should we need to contact you regarding your order. We appreciate your business. Thank you. 

Library Display Design Systems
PO Box 8143  Berlin, CT  06037
Phone: 860-828-6089    Fax: 860-828-5761

Please note: 

We know that library budgets have taken a big blow in this economy and yet you are busier than ever. As always, we feel merchandising and good customer service are of the utmost importance. We sat down in 2009 to take a look at what we could do differently to have a real impact on prices so that you could still be able to purchase our products. We have also always tried to be environmentally responsible, recycling wherever possible – re-using packing materials we receive from our suppliers, etc. However, we decided to take some larger steps in that area as well. 

We have had discussions with two of our major fabricators for slatwall accessories and other displayers.  They will ship our orders directly from their warehouse to you on our behalf. No longer will they ship to us, we stock the parts, pack them up and re-ship them.  That cuts down on the fuel being used in transporting them to us and along with that the ever increasing cost of shipping, the cost of our warehouse, packing materials, and labor costs.  In conjunction with those changes, we have decided that once our paper catalog supply is depleted, we will no longer print them as everything is on our website and our customers have become very comfortable with it.   

With all of those changes, we are able to save money which we are passing onto you.  We have always been committed to keeping our prices low so that libraries both large and small, could take advantage of our product offerings.  We feel these recent changes are our most aggressive effort yet to that end. Unfortunately, in order to do this, we have had to drop some products and for that we do apologize. We felt, however, that the gain to the environment and the lower costs for you would make it worthwhile. We know that we are too small to be everything to everyone, but we feel that we still have a lot of great products to offer – now at a greatly reduced price as well. We welcome any feedback you might have. Please go to our “Contact page” and send us a message. Thank you for being our customers. We appreciate all of you very much.



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