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Products and Solutions


Newspaper Display ...Tidy, attractive in acrylic, and mobile, too. It's a great new solution to an age old problem.

Name Badges for Staff, Volunteers and Student workers ... A money saving solution, reusable and available in Brass, Silver and White. It's the best kind of customer service.

Multi-media Display ... The one display you shouldn't be without. It's clear acrylic, mobile and so compact that it will even fit at a stack end to provide a great display area.

●Slatwall Accessories ... See our large  selection of clear acrylic accessories. Merchandise with style!

●Book Displayers ...Many styles are available for single-title or multi-book display.

●Clutter control solutions ...Help corral the hard-to-control clutter that makes the library look messy to your patrons.

●Signage Solutions ... Present your signs and posters neatly to your customers.

Literature Holders ....Give all those piles of brochures a home. We have styles for counter and shelf tops, wall mounting, and even a portable literature stand for added flexibility when doing programs within or outside your library.

  Novus ....  acrylic cleaning products to help keep your acrylic display fixtures bright and shiny.

Note:  If you have our Display Carousels or Ceiling-hanging system and need more, please contact us.



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