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Slatwall Accessories Information Page

Slatwall is the most versatile, exciting display a library can own!   Now you can accessorize it with style.  

Easels                 Slanted Shelves  

 Flat Shelves                     Literature Holders    

Multi-title Displays                    Sign Holders

                                      J-Racks                     Multi-tier displayers                                  

           Displays for Magazines and Newspapers                Trays and Bins

Below are some notes and suggestions on using and selecting slatwall accessories.  Prices are located on each page for items listed on that page. Alternately, you can find a current price, by item number, for all slatwall accessories by using the following link....Slatwall Master Price List

  • Most of our items can display several types of materials allowing great flexibility in your display.

  • Adding sign holders and literature holders allows you to creatively add signage or booklists and such to your displays.

  • Favorites???  You can’t go wrong with SL132  for merchandising face-out.

  • Read dimensions carefully to be sure each item is appropriate for the slatwall area or materials you wish to display.

  • Keep in mind traffic patterns when selecting accessories. For example, do not use a deep slant that protrudes from the wall a great deal on slatwall end panels. People may bump into them as they turn from one aisle to the next.  It’s best to use a flush style easel such as the SL132 in that instance.

  • Note of caution: Slatwall comes from the retail industry where all products are not created equally. There are numerous types of materials and production methods used. We’ve been doing accessories since 1987 and check samples of everything. This catalog represents quality products.  We have included a few ‘economy’ items  where the plastic may not be as clear, but the cost is lower for tight budgets.

                                                                              Karen F. Ribnicky, MLS



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